• Cecil Baker, AIA
  • Nancy Bastian, AIA
  • Eric leighton, AIA
  • Chris Blakelock

“Serene, high-performance architecture.”

“They are poets of the utilitarian.”

“What I really liked was the way you were able to integrate the formal with the informal, the symmetrical with the asymmetrical, producing a kind of fluid complexity hard to achieve.”

“Orderliness, grace and dignity – clean sophisticated business.”

“Interplay of volume, tone and color – explicit yet unique.”

“I think this is a very clear thesis. It is carried through right to the very finest details. It does show how a wonderful building can be made through efficient and careful means.”

“It is thoughtful, beautiful, inspiring – simply magnificent.”

  • Jack Larimore
  • Nora Bergsten
  • Ryan Hill
  • Mary Tasillo
  • Dan Kayser
  • Nicholas Connolly, RA
  • David Daniels, RA
  • Aaron Miller
  • Carolina Gallegos Navarro, LEED GA
  • Jenna Schuster
  • Jacob Gulezian