Inglis Foundation provides programs and services designed to enable people with physical disabilities to enjoy life with the greatest amount of independence and mobility. Inglis foresaw the need to provide independent living units for its population beyond its Philadelphia campus, where physically challenged individuals can live in a supportive environment with minimal daily assistance and, at the same time, be an integral part of the local community. Inglis Gardens at Eastwick was the first of multiple projects designed by Cecil Baker + Partners for Inglis Foundation to help fulfill this goal.

Inglis Gardens at Eastwick is a 25-unit, one-story structure arranged around a courtyard and central green space. The one- and two-bedroom units are joined together via a continuous porch, which not only offers shelter but encourages social encounters. The community room, mailroom and laundry are all located along the path of the porch. Simple A-shaped roofs, in bright primary colors, cheerfully brighten the environment and lend to an overall welcoming scale of the village.

Within the units, careful design interventions, such as an adjustable mirror over the cooktop, or open Lazy Susan shelving in place of closed cabinets, were introduced. These type of revisions provide those residents with often severe disabilities the opportunity to actually be able to cook and enjoy the amenities so many of us take for granted every day, and helped make this project an exemplar of accessible design.

Inglis Gardens at Eastwick was the recipient of the 2001 AIA/HUD Secretary's Alan J. Rothman Housing Accessibility Award.

“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on winning this year's AIA/HUD Secretary's Alan J. Rothman Housing Accessibility Award. Inglis Gardens at Eastwick was judged to be the best entry in its group, noteworthy for being both accessible and affordable as well as having an especially strong visual appeal. Congratulations on your superb work.”
   – Mel Martinez, Former Secretary of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development